Do you sell gift cards?

We do! Our gift cards can be purchased, re-loaded and redeemed in store at all four of our locations. Because our physical locations use a different point-of-sale and payment processing platform from our website, we are unable to integrate the two and that's why you're unable to purchase them on our website.

Do you make cookies (bagels, cakes, croissants....)?


Can I buy the frozen bake-at-home scones at any of your stores?

Yes, all of them! When you buy our frozen regular size scones in store, you have the option to mix and match flavours because we will be boxing them on the spot for you. When you order them online, they are only available in prepared packages of six per flavour.

Can I order your baked scones for delivery?


Do you take reservations?

Currently we do not.

Do you sell any gluten free scones?

We have two scone flavours that we call "low-gluten". Both are made with a blend of gluten-free flours but that are mixed, rolled, cut and stored using the same equipment and space as all of our other gluten-loaded scones. Though the equipment is cleaned in between there is always flour in the air at our production bakery that is settling on surfaces leading to cross contamination. Each individual's sensitivity to gluten is very different so if you're buying our low-gluten scones for someone else, please check in with them...they may not be comfortable consuming something that is guaranteed to be gluten free. Ottawa has some great gluten-free bakeries that you can contact if you need treats that are definitely gluten-free: