Devon Cream, Double Cream, Clotted Cream...

We've been getting a lot of questions from you lately about adding cream to your delivery orders. Unfortunately we've been out of stock of cream for quite some time now. It's an imported product and in speaking with our supplier this week, it's evident that it will likely be 3 months or more before another shipment will arrive in Canada.
Fear not! There are loads of resources on the internet to walk you through making your own. It's quite simple but does require a lot of time (unattended) put down that sourdough starter and get going on your own batch of homemade cream!
Will it be the SAME?, not exactly. The clotted cream that is usually available for retail purchase would have started out from a much less processed dairy as the process to turn it into clotted cream further pasteurizes it.
But will it be great? Yes, yes it will!
The article in the link has multiple methods of making your own at home, in an instant pot, a rice cooker, the oven...make your own, tell us how it goes!
Have you found a better recipe hidden out there on the internet? Now's the time to share it! Let us know what it is, we'd be happy to pass it along.