Yes, we cater! For catered orders we need a minimum of 12 guests and 3 days advance notice. See below for our full catering menu!

Contact or call our central kitchen at 613-744-2585 to place an order.

All deliveries are subject to a $30 delivery fee.


Scones ($4.50/person)

All of our scones are available as smalls and minis for your events!

Small scones are about half the size of our regular scones. We provide 2 per person.

Mini scones are a quarter the size of our regular scones. We provide 4 per person.

Devon Cream ($8/jar)

This rich and decadent topping is a traditional accompaniment to scones. If you would like to add Devon Cream to your order, we recommend 1 jar for every 12 guests.

Jam ($6.99/large jar)

We’ve been serving Moss Berry Farm jams since we opened. They’re handcrafted in Stratford, Ontario!

Fruit Platters ($3.50/person)

We can provide you with fruit platters for any meeting or event that you’re hosting.

Coffee and Tea

The cost includes disposable 8oz. cups, milk, cream, sweetener, sugar, stir sticks, and napkins. We provide you with coffee or tea in a thermal container that will keep it hot for the duration of your event.

Thermal containers are available in the following sizes:

20 cups ($35)
40 cups ($70)
80 cups ($140)

The coffee is the same great coffee that we serve in our cafes, blended and roasted in Ottawa just for the SconeWitch!

Our Tea Flavours

Black Teas
House Blend
Earl Grey
Decaf Irish Breakfast

Green Teas
Jasmine Green
Kenyan Green

Herbal Teas
Rooibos Provence
Ginger Chai (yes, it’s really herbal!)

SconeWitches ($7.50/person)

A sandwich on a scone! For catering purposes, we make our SconeWitches on small scones and provide 2 per person, so everyone can try different flavours.

  • Ham and Gruyere
  • Cream Cheese and Cucumber
  • Goat Cheese Tomato Pesto
  • Tuna Tomato
  • Smoked Turkey Stilton

Salad ($2.50/person)

We have two different salad options for caterings:

  • Spring greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, and our in-house honey-mustard dressing
  • Spring greens with strawberries and goat cheese, and our in-house honey-mustard dressing

Dessert ($1.50/person)

Our Brownie Bites are rich little morsels that are the perfect finish to your meal, without being overwhelming.