Our Story

“Why Doesn’t Somebody Start a Scone Shop?”- Heather Matthews, Owner and Founder


In 2004, Heather Matthews started the SconeWitch in a little brick house on Albert Street. Heather had been part of the Ottawa food scene for years. Scones had been a staple in her various businesses, and eventually she started to wonder: why wasn’t there a local scone shop? A place for a real afternoon tea? In 2004, Heather decided to open just such a place.

We Don’t Sell Muffins.

Our scones are always handmade. We know that the best food is the food with the best ingredients, so we’re dedicated to using only real, wholesome ingredients in our scones. We train everyone from our kitchen crew to our front-of-house staff in the science of baking great scones. For this reason, you’ll never see us producing a different kind of pastry. We do scones. We do them very well.

Ottawa’s Little Secret.

Nowadays, the SconeWitch operates out of three locations: Beechwood (opened in 2009), Elgin (opened in 2014 after we outgrew the little house on Albert), and Cyrville (a SconeWitch Express and our central kitchen). We still make every scone by hand and bake them fresh throughout the day. We’re still dedicated to serving high quality, delicious food. We’re Ottawa’s little scone shop. Come on in!