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Devon Cream: Everyone’s Favourite Scone Topping

Ah, Devon cream. A thick, spreadable cream traditionally eaten on a scone with jam. It is delicious, indulgent, and—as you know if you’ve been a customer of ours for awhile—sometimes difficult to find.

It turns out that the world of Devon cream is much more complicated than it would first appear. What is it that makes Devon cream so special (and our supply sometimes so tragically unreliable)? Read on to find out.

A lemon poppyseed scone with blackberry jam and Devon cream.

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Welcome to the SconeWitch Blog!

You may be all, ‘Why start a blog for a bakeshop? Just give me my scones!’, and we hear you, we really do. Everyone has a blog these days, and it’s not like there’s a lack of things to read on the internet. But we’re starting one anyway, and there’s one reason why: we really want to talk about food.


The original SconeWitch on Albert.

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