Baking Instructions

Did you buy some frozen un-baked scones from us for your breakfast Saturday morning and now you’re wondering how to bake them?

Fear not, we’ve got you covered!

Getting started:

  • don’t thaw your scones, bake them right out of the freezer
  • pre-heat your oven to 360F
  • line your baking sheet(s) with parchment paper and add scones!


  • once the oven is hot hot hot, place the tray(s) of frozen scones on the middle rack
  • shut the door and turn your oven down to 350F (325F if you have a convection oven with the fan running)
  • bake for 27 minutes (20 minutes for smalls, 15 minutes for minis)

How do I know if they’re done?
Give your scones a little squeeze on the sides! If the sides spring back and have some crust happening, they’re done! If they don’t spring back then they’re still a little doughy…give them two or three minutes and then check again.

What if I have a gas oven?
Gas ovens are great, but they are a more moist environment than electric ovens. Check them as indicated above but be prepared that you may have to add a total of 5-10 more minutes than you would in a electric oven.

What if some or all of my scones are wheat-free?
The wheat-free scones are smaller than the regular wheat scones and bake a little faster. Check them around the 22 minute mark but be prepared to bake for up to 25.