Three Ways to Serve Scones at Your Next Party

You already know that scones are awesome for breakfast, snack time, dessert, or sometimes dinner (we don’t judge). But what you may not know is that scones are equally perfect for parties!

You can order scones to go at any time by calling the location you’d like to pick up from. For large orders (or 6+ of any one flavour), give us a half-hour’s head start so we can bake some for you—that way, you’re guaranteed to get what you want.

We also have a catering department! We need 3 days to prepare a catering order, but oh—it’s so worth it.

Below, we look at 3 options for hosting a party with the SconeWitch.

1. Serve Smalls and Minis

If you’re having a big gang over, the best way of feeding them scones is to serve our smalls and minis.

Did you know we offer scones in different sizes?

Our small scones are about half of a regular scone, and we usually recommend serving 2 per person. Our minis are about a quarter of a regular scones (comparable to a two-bite brownie) and we usually say 4 per person. You can top these will all your regular favourite toppings. It’s a crowd pleaser for sure!

These are only available through special order, but they are so worth it. We need 3 days notice to prepare smalls and minis especially for you—all you do is call the location you’d like to pick your scones up from, and we’ll take care of the rest.

2. Have SconeWitches Catered

Love SconeWitches, but don’t want to transport a whole bunch home? We’ll deliver them!

We offer almost all of our regular SconeWitches as a catering option. They’re made on small savouries, which means that your guests can sample as many different flavours as they want.

You can also add on a garden salad, fruit platter, brownie dessert, and coffee and tea. We’ll deliver right to your event, too! This is a great way of serving non-boring food at your next party.

See below for the contact information for our catering department, or visit our catering page for more information.

3. Bake Scones Yourself

Got your heart set on full size scones? Worried about keeping them fresh? One of the easiest ways of getting a lot of scones at once is to get them raw. Just call the store ahead of time to make sure we have everything in stock!

Baking scones at home is super easy, will make your house smell great, and you can tell all your guests you baked them yourself (it’ll be our little secret).


So there you are—three ways to serve SconeWitch at your next party! For more information including pricing, email us at or call our central kitchen at 613-744-2585.