Introducing our September Scone of the Month: Blueberry!

Unbelievably, tomorrow is the first day of September! That means back to school, back to cooler temperatures, and—best of all, obviously—a new seasonal scone at the SconeWitch. This month, we are super excited to bring back our blueberry scones!

Blueberry scones are super delicious. The blueberries also turn the scones blue, which is super fun.

In honour of the return of the blueberry scone, we present to you fun five facts about blueberries.

1-All in the family.

Blueberries are related to cranberries, the rhododendron, and azaleas. Because nature is weird that way.

2-Dusty food.

You actually want your blueberries to have a bit of a dusty appearance when you buy them. You should only wash that dust off right before you eat them—it will make them spoil quicker.

Mmm, dusty perfection.

3-High or low?

Blueberries come in two varieties: highbush or lowbush. Highbush are the ones that you’re used to seeing at the store. Lowbush are smaller and sweeter, and usually get mixed with other products to make juices or jams.

4-Health food.

Blueberries are super good for you. They’re full of all kinds of good things like fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

5-Historic food.

Blueberries have been around for thousands of years. There’s evidence that they’ve been being baked into food by Indigenous peoples for millennia. They were also used as a grey dye by colonists.

There you have it: way more information about blueberries than you ever wanted to know. Come on in to our stores this September and stock up on delicious blue scones! You’ll love them.

Blue scones!